We can stop rape! Spread the word!

February 13, 2013


On Feb 13 & 14 we’ll be part of a global day of action against violence against women, organized by V-Day and V-Girls. In class (at a state-run adult language education, an EOI in Spanish), we won’t be physically dancing, but we will be playing the amazing music of our minds together thinking hard to solve the rape problem — we’ll be brainstorming to put together a list of things each of us, and we as people who care, can do to prevent rape. We will also celebrate the chance of being able to listen to girls’ voices: we’ll read stories voicing girls’ realities (we have 13 classroom copies to share).

Every student is welcome to present V-Day, One Billion Rising (the action) or any of these very useful materials! (We also welcome paper copies, as we can’t afford to make many copies.)

Please, don’t look the other way. You can lead by example. Together, we can change the world, to make it a kinder, juster place! Hurray for solidarity!! We’ll stop evictions and we’ll stop rape!



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