Vulnerability is the source of balance

February 9, 2013

Life is about living.

Living takes up a great deal of struggle.

What prevents struggle from being war is self-respect, which is to say, empathy towards other earthlings.

What keeps struggle healthy is balance.

Balance is like air, a fundamental need in every step. Like air, it is physical, you cannot see it, but you can feel it all the time. You can feel it weighs different, it feels different, its different glows of warmth, moving in ample space, breathing, like an animal, alive, living.

What breeds balance, and here is what I wanted to say (at last), is vulnerability.

Self-portrait, by Caroline Folkenroth (2000)This is what I’m beginning to realize.

Living is such a journey.

So I protest destruction. I equal that to idiocy and disease — the human disease.

I refuse to harden up.

I am not a stranger.

I’m a reminder.

Dream at michelle’s (2013)

Self-portrait, by Caroline Folkenroth (2000)

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  1. Wow! I’m very happy about the digs here! 🙂 Big hug!

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