Avanzado Jueves! On the C1 recording…

February 8, 2013

Last Thursday (omg, was it yesterday?!) the machine failed us again and we didn’t manage to do the B2 recordings as I had planned. Instead, unluckily (we shouldn’t have, considering what we talked about), we did the C1 listening (Friendship) that I had planned for you to do after the two B2 pieces. I only played it twice, and didn’t expect anyone to get more than 3 answers right, out of 5, due to the level of mental processing (elaboration) we have to reach at the C1 level. Anyway, people couldn’t understand why their answers were wrong. (I should’ve reminded them that they had only listened to it twice, and that even if they felt they understood everything, these kinds of listenings are tricky even for careless native listeners.)

carita_beatingheartSo I’ve recorded the complete answer by the psychologist to the questions they had on their copies, plus the correct answer. And I’m asking you all, Thursday’s, to please listen to it with your paper in front of you and see if you finally understand why we’re right. Both if you do and if you don’t, I’m interested.

noassbiting(But please, mercy! Put things forward critically, not in the Complaint Mode, or believing the people who designed this are totally wrong, because we teachers are exhausted from the demented working conditions the authorities are imposing on us, and if you complain instead of just reason out why you disagree, I might bite your ass!!)

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