Principles and Ideals (dedicated to Laura)

February 7, 2013

(edited the 2nd par. on principles and the ending)

Principles are straight-jackets. They make us hard, inflexible, they blind us, they lead us to intolerance. Patriarchal societies have been dragged to self-destruction by principles. Sacred principles — two words that combine really well. I hear the word and my hairs stand on end! It’s one of the most scary words I know! Principles condemn! That’s their job! They teach self-hatred and consequently hatred to all.

Ideals are like guiding stars. You do your best. You know life is complex. You analyze, discuss, negociate. They do not make us blind. We can see what is going on around us, and try to behave in the best possible way. (For the case of individual anarchists like myself, following the beautiful ideal of freedom and solidarity.) Ideals make our mind more complex, and therefore help us to grow. Because we understand that life and living is not a black and white movie, with goodies and badies. We can study a problem (people with ideals tend to be critical thinkers), describe it, but we’re always mentally on the move and paying attention to context, because — precisely — anything can happen. And we have to learn to live together without imposing things. And we have to learn to be free without denying other people their freedom. And this is no easy task.

Principles strangle creativity, critical thinking, love, life, freedom. How many Men-of-Principles do we know of, from History books, Politics, Religion-of-course, with their sacred wars in the name of some sacred principle? How many people-of-principles have been cruel and murderous to how many many people? (when society despises certain people, I mean, like women who were abused and got pregnant and on top of that were suspected from being “bitches” and marginalized. How many women in villages and towns in Spain committed suicide, literally speaking, or by means of becoming alcoholics and “lunatics”? Just because “people” despised them, and the most terrifying thing is why they despised them: because the principle was a decent woman is never subject to abuse and is always willing to become a mother.)

reach-for-the-moonA man with a principle will come up with “The end justifies the means.”

Ideals can never make you cruel. They’re about rational empathy, the highest form of intelligence, and therefore one detested by the patriarchal system. Ideals make love grow. I mean love, not “romantic love” (the fairy tale told to keep women locked up and obedient and not free and choosing their lifestyles and relationships). A love of living, relating, being there, growing, learning…

We need more people with ideals! Why should we want tot reach for a knife when we can reach out for the moon?

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  1. From now on, I´m going to use the word “ideals” 🙂

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