Spanish stereotypes & some ranting and raving…

February 5, 2013

By the way, why do European politicians show their support for the president of Spain in office, when at least half his party are involved in corruption? Something which gets nightmare hues considering unemployment rates keep increasing, young people are starting to flee the country, grandmas and grandpas, after a life of working hard, are sustaining economically their families (of unemployed members), say 900 euros for 4 — considering renting a flat in Madrid costs about that!

Excuse me, I feel sick. This is all far too much for my aging body! I’m not in the constructive mood just now, really! Puke, puke, puke! Protect democracy? Is that what they are doing? Or is it that they think it’s interesting to relate to corrupt people because this means they can “work together”? Puke, puke, puke! Is corruption in politics like in Spain? (I can’t imagine it, true, but… it must be considering their president’s high opinion of the president of Spain!!)

I hope people keep putting pressure in politicians — corrupt politicians must resign and go to court! THIS would be protecting democracy!

Found this interesting article. Have a good read!

Spanish stereotypes: statistics tell us they have Mondays, too

This one’s also interesting:


  1. Well, they haven’t got much left in Spain. And the cuts will keep on coming.


  2. Hi, magentalemon. Can you clarify the first sentence? I don’t know what it refers to. Who haven’t got much left of what?

    • I meant credibility-wise, politicians don’t have much left.

  3. Ah! Yes, you’re right!
    Thanks for answering.

  4. In case people want to read your article on this,


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