Should governments legalize all drugs?

February 5, 2013

humantraffickingHere’s a site where you can post your reasoned opinion and read people’s reasoned opinions!

Article: 10 reasons to legalize all drugs

We should consider the wider picture of what making some substances illegal brings about… Human trafficking or slavery and zillions of similar crimes against the most vulnerable, or just analyze who is imprisoned and who aren’t and should…

By the way, why is it legal to work from 16 on, but people can only vote once they are 18?


One comment

  1. Two states have legalized marijuana in the USA “for recreational use”. But the federal government is not into following suit.

    This issue of drugs makes me wonder. Why the hell can’t people accept that there is INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM when it comes to what we have or not have? And it’s all so hypocritical!!! They sell poisonous foods to us all, they use pesticides and other poisons to poison foods, especially “for the South”, and they want to tell us: listen, WE believe YOU shouldn’t take drugs. What a tricky understanding of democracy!

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