If you are out of work, here’s something you could consider…

February 5, 2013

pbi30yearsIn the 1980s I volunteered with PBI, Peace Brigades International (don’t mix it up with Peace Corps in the USA — this group was created within the framework of LIW with a double aim: neutralize potencial social activists in the USA sending them abroad on “solidarity” projects, and using these people, their well-intentioned work abroad in the framework of LIW, this is, for true purposes that had little to do with what volunteers thought they were doing). Here’s their website in Spain: http://www.pbi-ee.org. I was with PBI-Guatemala, a little with PBI-El Salvador (we held a nonviolence training there) and after that, PBI-Nicaragua (this last one, a research project). In PBI-Guatemala we offered nonviolent escorting to people threatened by the death squads (relatives of the disappeared, trade unionists, peasants), we were international (nonviolent) observers, too (but without weapons, unarmed, unlike the UN Blue Berets — the funny / strange thing is people only notice people fight when they carry weapons, and so a lot of people fighting nonviolently are not perceived as people fighting! 0_0), in events like demonstrations and lock-in’s in factories, or the like, and sometimes we gave workshops on conflict resolution. I spent a year in Central America and learned about Low Intensity Warfare, and above all, about how people fought through nonviolence. Actually, people in countries at war value nonviolent direct action and work by pacifists further more than people in countries with democracies — places where if you protest, you are not shot or kidnapped and tortured. PBI has projects in several places, and I’m not following their work now, but I suppose there’ll be different projects. They only work where they are requested to work, meaning they don’t just go somewhere and work — they wish to have people’s request. You might find a project that suits you! Who knows! Well, I’m writing this basically because PBI is holding a meeting in Donostia on February 16, in case you want to find out about it. Here’s an area which is new. Thanks to feminism! Making women’s intelligences, courage, generosity and work visible in a patriarchal social system everywhere that has denied them their very human nature through terror and for centuries!!


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