January 23, 2013

  • Feedback and Orals: By January 31 I’m going to delete the Oct-Dec recordings, to have a clean folder for February. I understand that the people whose recordings I have a) have received my feedback, or b) are not interested in getting personal feedback, for instance because I already gave it in class. Write to michelle AT talkingpeople.net and remember to type your group code on the subject line –at least, for instance, Intermedio 2 Martes, Avanzado 2 Lunes. If you have forgotten to send me an email so that I know which recording you need, please, do so by January 31. If it’s me who’s forgotten about you, my apologies and please, get in touch.
  • Writing Assignments: When I check your writings I often ask you to work on it to include my corrections and after considering my suggestions. Very few people show me the final piece. Is it because only those people complete this learning process or is it because you interrupt the learning process and quit? Learning to write is a process, too, and if you interrupt it, you are wasting your time, really.
  • Getting your work published: on Talking People there are two sections where your work can be published: orals over here, and writings over here. In this last section, you can also publish your collection of Useful Language from TV, or activities you may want to design for your classmates. Feel free to send me the final version of your writings, or the permission to publish your orals. For people with a passion for whichever topic, I should say that you can publish stuff in any of the other sections on Talking People: you can contribute to the Music section, for instance, to the Podcast selection, to People & Culture, Language Stories, whichever! You should write Av2 / In2 CONTRIBUTION FOR TP on the subject line of your email. Unless you tell me which name or nickname you want to have on the site, I’ll use your first name (not your family name). http://www.talkingpeople.net/tp/credits.html

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