Announcement – experiencing smells! (and another bit on Marilyn and death)

January 23, 2013

As you’re learning stuff about the senses, I’ll bring Chanel 5 and Coco Chanel tomorrow to class, in case you want to see/SMELL what they are like! I’ll have those in class on Thursday too, for the other two groups. If you are interested, remind me of that!

article-marilyn-monroe4There’s a very famous quote by Marilyn Monroe: She was asked “What do you wear in bed?” and she replied “Why, Chanel number 5, of course!” I was burning curious about this. Believe me! (Curiosity did not kill the cat – curiosity took her to interesting places!) So when I passed my Oposición (public/state teachers’ competitive exams), I bought Chanel number 5 to give it a try! It’s a very sweet smell, and I related it then to older women. But it’s a very mysterious smell when you wear it. Well, I also bought the eau de perfume because it was what my mother wore. She kind of identified with Marilyn Monroe. And I think she might’ve been right. The thing was that my mother died, and death is like this: at the beginning you can’t believe it. As time passes by you can’t bear it. Till you learn to create a room deep inside, that you can visit when you are ready. Every now and then, you really feel like visiting it. And it’s got nothing to do with religious beliefs, in my own view. It’s about remembering people you loved.

Considering death is a taboo subject in consumerist societies I should really set up a language school where I could also give workshops — especially to non-believers like myself — on How to Deal with the Death of Our Loved Ones.

Marilyn also said something which is really poetic, I mean, with the wild power of poetry: “Only parts of us will ever touch parts of others.”

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