Sentences using verbs of the senses

January 21, 2013

The five senses we have are: touch (related: to FEEL your way in the dark), taste, smell, sight, and hearing.

  • There was a blackout and I had to feel my way downstairs! These pants are too small — they feel really tight. It feels smooth and silky (a material like silk!). It feels smooth and cold (an unplugged laptop). It feel really hot!!! Be careful! If feels soft and warm — a pet! (a cat or a dog). The bread was hard as a rock. It felt so muggy.
  • It tastes bitter (dark chocolate) / sour (sour milk cheese). It’s spicy. It tastes really sweet. I tried it and it tastes really nice. It tastes like vinegar. People say frogs taste like chicken. A metallic taste of blood.
  • It smells really nice / yummy. It smells disgusting!! It smells wonderful. It’s too strong (the perfume). It smells like fruit / It smells fruity! (a wine). It smells of burned/burnt rubber…
  • It looks great on you! Your friend looks familiar. The colo(u)r in that skirt has faded. It’s really bright!/colo(u)rful!
  • It sounds interesting! Your friend sounds familiar to me (on the phone). She sang so beautifully!/sweetly!

For Advanced students: more on the senses in descriptions: http://inventingreality.4t.com/description.html


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