Noah tells a powerful story… About his mums

January 17, 2013

It’s all about love — not all families can match the Catholic definition of Family. How can religion lead people to such cruelty? Families are about people loving and respecting each other. Families with a “proper father and mother” might be full of violence. Why shouldn’t those radical Catholics fight for those “families” to break up?, to protect the victims of abuse? Priests used to tell women in a recent past, when they complained about how much “it hurt” (some of that is known today as “marital rape”), that men had their “needs” and they should “suffer in silence”, “sacrifice.” Isn’t that cruel? If I have the need to have your things, should you suffer in silence and sacrifice? Hopefully, Catholic priests are not telling that to women today. I don’t know. It would protect the victims of violence. But today we’re hearing really cruel things about “the Family” in Madrid. As if we lived in the 19th century. And that’s been happening in the USA too. With the Tea Party and the Republicans. Why should homosexual parents be judged about their wanting to have a family when there is no ground of abuse? I’d seriously recommend Catholic radicals to meditate about what’s love and what’s violence.

17/12/2012: “After exploding onto the performance scene by grabbing the Youth Speaks Grand Slam Championship, watch as 15-year-old Noah St. John electrifies the Snap Judgment Stage with a stunning performance – winning this year’s “NPR Snap Judgment Performance of the Year.” “(Don’t read the automatic transcription. Do your ear a favo(u)r and help it (her) learn to listen!  Plus, notice the use of pasts and dramatic presents.

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