Mi’kmac Indian version of Cinderella!

January 17, 2013

mi'kmac cinderellaAs you probably know, Perrault took stories from different oral traditions and wrote his version. That’s OK, of course. Free culture is a fundamental human right! (The sad part is why his got widely circulated and why the gypsie’s oral story didn’t). I have found in Angela Carter’s book of Fairy Tales what must have been the original oral version of Cinderella, by English gypsies, and yet again, this happens: it seems Perrault’s stories (like the grim Grimm Brother’s!!) were widely spread because the women in those stories were portrayed as what patriarchal ideology defines as feminine. (Get a copy of Carter’s collection, and you’ll find all kinds of women there, not only silly weak victim-like unimaginative unintelligent women.) Well, while developing a linguistic-literary project some years ago I found this version of Perrault’s Cinderella, by Mi’kmac Indians in America (the continent). What do you think of it? 🙂 If you are interested in translating it into Spanish, you could get it published on Mujer Palabra for sure! And you can count on me for feedback or corrections. 🙂

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