L&R! (Improve your fluency & accuracy)

January 17, 2013

listen_and_repeat_1294012808_1294072900I checked out the Talking People Podcast, clicked on the category called “Useful Language” and got a list (click “older posts” at the bottom of each page, to find more) of all the episodes where I say a sentence twice, so that you can repeat along with me the second time. This will automatize your production, which means, you will be more spontaneous saying those sentences, because you will have been practicing / practising them without translating from Spanish and therefore without making mistakes, or mispronouncing. So come on, why not do 5 mins. a day of L&R? You can certainly do like Tere, in Intermedio 2, who does exactly that with the textbook audios. That’s AWESOME. Do it with whichever audio material!



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