A surprise in store! + PS 4 procrastinators! :D

January 16, 2013

mysterygiftDear students,

Work as much as you can in your English — just do it, OK? Stop procrastinating* (supposing you actually are)! Find bits of time throughout the day. When we humans learn things, we feel much better with ourselves. And learning is going to be the only job available as we move on in this 21st century, I bet! Learning is also very healthy for our minds — like true loving love and friendship, I should say. So trash your fears and complexes, grow stronger against those suckers, and get to work! Listen to English every day while you work on the units. I might have a surprise in store for February. If I manage it, you’ll be delighted! 🙂


The Masked Procrastinator!To find answers to the questions, “What’s “procrastinating”? Am I a procrastinator?!!”, listen to this episode of Better @ English: Procrastinating and Perfectionism.

To have a laugh, a mini-saga (in 50 exact words) written by a lovely procrastinator I met in my previous EOI school! Here’s the webpage where it was published. Btw, people, I’m not publishing the mini-sagas some people sent because they are just a few. If you wrote a mini-saga, or would like to write one, or a few more, please, send it in for publication!

Procrastination is avoiding doing something. Procrastination is to postpone doing something you know you have to do. It’s not being able to choose one idea. It’s being unable to decide what to write about. I need to find a solution for my procrastination. I’ll do it later.


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  1. […] what doesn’t make you develop hatred for the language! And please, avoid feeling guilty and procrastinating. You can consolidate things you learn in class by simply reading them out loud in those little dead […]

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