News: FTranslation

January 15, 2013

As you will see, I’ve started a new category called Functional Translation (not literal translation), both for NI2 and NA2 (In NA2 Tuesdays, we’re doing bits at the very beginning of the lesson). It’s all based on your Grammar Bank exercises. Its aim is to check you have understood how to use it. The answers are posted as a Comment, and you need to enter the post / click on the title of the post to read the comments. You can post your questions, if you like, or make those questions in class. If you use one of those posts, and Like it, dig it, OK? Because I’d hate to be working like mad for nobody!

Keep in mind there’s not only one way to say things, so if your particular sentence is not among the answers, just ask. Or just post it with its corresponding number, to ask or to share your knowledge with us all.

As you can see, it’s not only that I’m trying to help you FIND TIME for your English (Nobody can learn a language just by going twice to class. language learning is highly time-consuming! I also know that!!). This method gives me tons of work, too. But our choices are this: just do what we can and mostly when we are together, or learn English to truly reach your level! See what I mean? You won’t be a fluent speaker or a competent listener if you don’t work at it!


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