Key to Listenings in Unit 3 (Intermedio 2)

January 14, 2013

Conditional Type 3: If you had all finished unit 3, we would’ve been able to check answers quickly and focus on questions! 😀
(I’m not telling you off. This is just a real-life example of how to use conditional sentences type 3!)

Please, make sure you’ve done at least the listenings in the unit:

3.5, p. 41 – 1. It’ll be below zero with some snow showers, 3. He was sweating heavily because of the heat, 3. It’s windy, chilly, and starting to drizzle, 4. The river is going to flood soon, 5. The Day before the hurricane was sunny and muggy (warm and extremely humid).
3.6, p. 41
 – 1F, 2F, 3T, 4F, 5F, 6T, 7T, 8T 9F, 10F
3.8, p. 43 – a) She travelled to Australia overland because she didn’t want to fly and produce a lot of carbon emissions. (See how I answer 3 questions in one self-contained statement?)
b) 1. To fly or not to fly!
2. She quit / has quit driving, she(‘s) started buying organic food from local shops, and she(‘s) started using wood fire to heat the house. She did / She’s done all this because she was worried about climate change and the carbon dioxide emissions she was producing ( / wanted to be more ecologically-friendly in her daily life).
3. She travelled to Australia overland, passing through Russia, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore. (This took her 2 months!)
4. She was able to take such a long holiday because whe works for a Centre for Alternative Technology, and the people in charge were happy to do this for her.
3.9, p. 43 –
Barbara £2,000 – 14,004 miles, 51 days, 1.65 tonnes
Plane £450 – 10,273 miles, 25 hours, 2.7 tonnes
The total amount of CO2 emissions her trip produced was 1.65. If she had travelled by plane it’d have been 2.7 — NOTICE THIS IS A TYPE 3 CONDITIONAL SENTENCE.

3.10, p. 45 a – 1a, 2c, 3b, 4b, 5c, 6a, 7c
3.11 Dictation: 1 as soons as I know my plans, 2 If you come back tomorrow, I’ll have finished (future perfect), 3 I’ll be waiting by the ticket office when you get there, 4 if she doesn’t hurry up, we’ll have eaten all the food, 5 I’m taking my laptop in case I need it for work, 6 There won’t be enough steak unless you go and get some more.

3.12, p. 47 – c 1 village, 2 outside — winter, 3 doing things, 4 freedom, 5 take risks, 6 have an accident, 7 very positive

Video: p. 48
3.15 – 1 a particular spot, 2 the way, 3 a sudden, 4 On the face, 5 a degree, 6 long as
LEARN HIGH RISKS SPORTS: 3.16 – Agne, skiing; Anne, potholing or caving; Mark, parachuting; Ray, climbing, potholing, white-water rafting.
3.17 1 making a fool of myself, 2 in my younger days, 3 awesome, 4 they


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