Assessment on our work so far (leaving behind unit 3)

January 14, 2013

Dear students,

Although I have tried to help you all in keeping the plan of a unit a month (posting KEYS on your Pages here, and allowing some time in class for Small Groups to check their work), I can see that the groups that come from 4.00 to 6.30PM are managing, but that most students in the groups coming from 6.30-9.00PM are not managing. Should I just help students finish unit 3 whatever time it takes (especially the Intermedio 2 Mondays because it is harder for this lower level to work in teams, or isn’t it?), or should I stick to the plan a unit a month?

We’re now in mid-January and we’ll be starting (future continuous; future arranged plans) unit 4 in our next lesson together (you should do all the Readings/Grammar exercises in the unit at home whenever you can regardless our work in class), which means that we just have two weeks to try and learn from this unit in the textbook.

But I do not want to follow this plan if people cannot find ANY TIME to work at home on their textbook. What should we do, then? Please, Intermedio 2 Mondays (and Avanzado 2 Tuesdays?) say something in class! If you don’t, I’ll understand you are going to try and catch up (devoting more time at home/work to your English, OK?)

Check your work with the Keys published here Page Key Int 2 and Page Key Av 2 — this evening I’ll be posting (future continuous) some more. Can you make sure you’ve done the listening activities, and the grammar/vocabulary work? You can certainly ask me in class or here if you have any questions.

You see, after the winter holidays it’s apparent the people coming from 4.00 to 6.30 PM are going to be ahead of the other two groups, if the other groups can’t catch up this week at home. Today I could also sense how very tired you all are, with a busy day and the freezing weather and our long hours in class plus so very late, but…

I’m going to select the exercises in unit 4 we can do in these two weeks, and hope for the best!! In our first week in February you will learn it all about Exam Format, and that’s a fixed interruption. And I was wanting to do two exam practice exercises instead of one… But we won’t be able to do this is we can’t keep up the course plan, OK? Perhaps, with groups that are behind we could do the second exam practice later on… Dunno!!!

PS: Something else, some extra support I’m going to do here, on this blog, is post some explanations and some exercises to check you learned/learnt what you needed to learn from each of the 3 first units, OK?


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