Perceptions! (30 Rock)

January 10, 2013

30rockI can’t find info to learn which episode it is where the main character of this TV series (30 Rock), Liz Lemon (the brown-haired woman on the banner), is invited to an Old High School Students’ Ball, or something like that — the typical event they organize in the USA, d’you know what kind? And as I walked back home from the subway station I blushed because all of a sudden I realized I had told you (Int 2) this same story for the second time, right? 😀 Oh my! People, just tell me — hey, we know that one! 😀

It’s about perceptions: what’s your image of yourself when you were a teenager? Does your perception match people’s perception? (feel free to comment)

Well, imagine you got it totally wrong (que te equivocas de parte a parte), and it turns out people’s perception was/were the opposite of what you thought! That’s what happens to Liz Lemon in this episode. And as I watched it I found out — my partner was watching it with me, so he guessed! — that THAT must’ve been my own case, too!! The case being, that Liz Lemon thinks she was a shy intimidated girl and it turns out to be that everybody was afraid of her! 😀 😀 😀 So my partner’s guess was that my high school teachers did not make me change my desk so that I’d be sitting facing the blackboard, just like everybody else, because they thought it’d be more sensible not to get into trouble with me!!! 😀 😀 😀 For me it’s hilarious because I swear I would’ve never EVER imagined that anybody would be afraid of me!

(I mean, I stopped beating kids up during the break when I was 16! And I just kicked a teacher once and threatened another once, too… but… oh-oh…!) 😀 2 + 2 are not always 4!


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