Key (1) to exercises in unit 3 Avanzado 2

January 10, 2013


Next week I’d like to listen to some of you, including the people who seldom or never speak! This means we have one more lesson to finish up unit 3 together. We’ll have the same thing as today: first part teamwork on textbook, second part listening/speaking, incl. questions.

3B p 40: 1F, 2F, 3L, 4F, 5F, 6L, 7F, 8L, 9F, 10F
A8, B4, C6, D7, E9, F5, G3, H10, I1, J2
p 41: 1 móving /múvin/, 2 thóught-provóking, 3 héavy-góing, 4 grípping, 5 entertáining, 6 intríguing (pronunciation /intriigin/), 7 impláusible /implósibl/, 8 fast-moving, 9 depréssing /diprésin/, 10 háunting /hóntin/. 3GRAMMAR: 1B, 2A, 3D, 4C, 5E
Inversion: We use it for emphasis, so check your examples make sense!
1. Not only the last moment did I realize I had got on the wrong train.
2. Never in my life had I found myself in the company of two drugdealers!
3. Not only was I struck by this fact — I was also about to panic!
4. Only after the wedding were the guests informed that it was all pretend!
5. No sooner had the police left than I jumped out of my compartment for some fresh air!
If you like, we can check 5 Reading on p.42 next day — just read out the answers, sort of.
Lexis in context: 1 barely, 2 profoundly, 3 arguably, 4 vast, 5 bland, 6 awkward, 7 quirky 😀 , 8 lowly, 8 staccato, 10 neatly, 11 smooth, 12 faithful

p. 43 You should have done this listening pretending it’s an exam listening activity! (underlining key words before listening) 1c 2c 3b 4c 5b 6a 7c 8a. If you are interested in the topic of translation, you could practice a monologue on ex. d. If you are interested in writing, as a writer, give some of your time to 7 Writing, and you might enjoy some info on Talking People: on Literature (Workshop, it’s fun) and Writing (beginnings and endings)

p.45 c 1 I’m broke (penniless is too formal), 2 a loan (a mortgage is on the house), 3 in the red (in the black is when you don’t owe any money), 4 in debt (not on), 5 loaded (informal; affluent is too formal for that context), 6 a better exchange rate (currency is the kind of money of a country), 7 standard of living (learn this, it’s useful!), 8 We can’t make ends meet.
You can do exercise d (speaking) in class next day, in pairs, if you like. Let me know!
p. 47 5 Grammar: IMPORTANT: not the theory, I mean: it’s important that you visualize the time and notice the tenses used – 1 past, past, 2 hypothetical future, 3 hypothetical present, 4 past, 5 hyp pr, 6 hyp fut, 7 hyp past, 8 hyp past. I would like you all to read the sentences out loud and visualize the grammar and the real situation. GRAMMAR BANK 3C: please, do it if you haven’t, and please, underline the clues you get to know what to add (if you know it because you know what sounds right, anyway, look for the clues in the sentence).
Answers (and clues): a1 It’s time … realized, 2 ‘d rather … lived, 3 I wish … were able, 4 Would you rather … we didn’t discuss?, 5 it’s time… stopped, 6 If only I had saved (great sentence to repeat out loud! and learn to say fluently, because of its structure and tenses), 7 I’d rather … paid, 8 If only we knew, 9 Do you wish… you had gone / you had been to
b 1 I’d rather you didn’t smoke in here, 2 I wish I could afford to travel more, 3 If only we hadn’t painted the room blue!!, 4 it’s (high) time you started to look / started looking / looked for a job?, 5 If only he were less tight-fisted!!, 6 would you rather we came another day?, 7 I wish we had bought…

5 Grammar (cont.) Q&A c.- you could do this drill with a classmate next day!

This listening is like exam listenings, so do it one day pretending you’re taking an exam! (underlining): 3.15: 1b, 2a, 3c, 4b, 5a

TOMORROW I’LL POST SOME MORE – the Revise and Check, and the Vocabulary bank. Any questions on the Grammar Banks? Feel free to ask me to post answers, and also to ask any questions you might have in class!

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