About February Exam Practice Month

January 9, 2013

I made a mistake in yesterday’s post. Today we checked on the school calendar on the bulletin board and the week for Exam Format Practice is the first week of February. I don’t want to speak about all this in class because it’s not the time for that. I’ll speak about all this in February. Anyway,

But read yesterday’s mail, please, so you can relax. We’re going to be doing exam format exercises throughout the month, for sure a minimum for 4 lessons. And I hope people will take speaking test in the Exam Area so we can analyze different performances at Plenary. (I need to save energy in this, please, so volunteer, OK? Stop being shy, we just need to do some work!)

In our holidays, another teacher and I have designed a complete test for Intermedio 2, considering the problem I mentioned in yesterday’s post. And if the Avanzado 2 groups start 2013 working a bit harder on their English — especially the adorable Tuesday group!, who is not really good at working with their textbook at home, right?, and/or allow me to know what they’re up to — especially the adorable Monday group, whose work and insight on the Alexie novel are a mystery to me!) I might use some of the energy I’d save there in designing a whole exam for them to practice more.

I’m serious about the energy bit. Working is less effort than trying to talk people into working! 😀 And 5 hours of teaching plus my All Bran moment to hell on Friday mornings are sucking out my energy. And I hate exams. I just design exercises for you all because the educational authorities just allow us to use the educamadrid exam to train you in exam format, which is outrageous and makes me really mad! It’s unfair and crazy, I mean.

Hopefully, I’ll quit this post and set up a language school next year. It’s very sad, but this is a result of all the poisonous policies against public education.


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