Money matters! (and a dedication to Alberto) :)

January 8, 2013

Today in Avanzado 2 we dealt with a video on money matters. People who have done unit 3 will have felt confident with this kind of vocabulary, for there is great vocabulary work in the unit on this, including a Vocabulary Bank. Come on, everybody! Catch up this week! Come on!!

I learned about microcredits when I was working at EOI Goya. There was an amazing OP on India, and here is Encarna’s piece on this precise topic! Click on the link she included (Nobel Prize) to watch a video. http://www.talkingpeople.net/tp/world/countries/india/india07_microcredits.html

Btw, Alberto told me that my posts are too long! More people believe so, and I’m glad this came up. But I tell you, dear people, I won’t be deterred! 😀 😀 The spirit goes on and on and on…! 😀 (click on the previous link to listen You Can’t Kill the Spirit! – No podrás con mi ánimo, to do a free translation, “spirit”, ánimo. This is a song that was also sung at Greenham!) So I’m dedicating this one to you, people who think I should write less, right? Why should I? (empiric question, meaning Please tell me, if you like. I wonder why) I know your intentions are good, but you see, the Internet is the only space which welcomes us all! I’m not making anybody read me, I’m not taking away anything from anyone. I can write away, freely, and I do so! I write for you students, but I also write for anyone who’s interested. And I love the Net for allowing us to communicate and share in this way! It’s a nonviolent r-evolution and I love it. I believe we should learn to share and learn to be lifelong learners of everything. This is what happens when people are empowered — they might think they have things to share! 😀 😉 😛 And I do, I certainly do! 🙂 So just get organized if you are interested! When we’re really busy we can still find time (never enough) to do the things we love or believe in. But if you haven’t got much time to spare I think it’s better to use it listening to the textbook audios and podcasts than reading me! 🙂 Just find ways to use your English every day, OK? Learning a language takes zillions of time but it also opens the world to us!

Anyway, remembering the OP on India and how much I learned that day. It was amazing. There were so many team members that they amounted to half the people in class that day. They each prepared a different aspect on India, they brought spices and sandalwood and slides! I think I told some group of mine this story: on the day of this OP, we were all so engrossed watching the slide show they put together that we forgot about time. As we were in silence and in the dark, the school janitor thought we had left and closed the school!!! People were so adorable! They were organizing our survival till the following Monday (it was Friday, 9PM!) But heroically, I rushed down the stairs (from a third floor) and shouted my guts out and banged the doors and well, hahahah, the janitor realized what was happening! 😀 We had a laugh!

Sweet dreams, bay bees! 🙂

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