Gifts and best wishes!

January 4, 2013

thethreewisewomenDuring the winter holidays, aka Christmas, in Spain the two most popular Gift celebrations are on Dec 24 and Jan 6. The most popular traditional day for giving presents is the 6th of January, inspired on the biblical story of the Three Magi or the Three Wise Men or the Three Kings, three guys that followed a guiding star to where Jesuschrist was born, in Beit-lahm (Arabic) or Bethlehem (English) in Palestine. (Cultural tip: Jesús is an ordinary male name in Spanish, so for the religious leader we use “Jesuschrist.” In English no man is ever called Jesus because that name is just for Jesuschrist.) Then there’s also the celebration of Nordic Santa Claus, from Lapland. Well, that’s on December 24th. Kids tend to get presents from the 4 men if the adults in their lives can afford it.

So to make up for all of this, and throw some light in the mysterious ways of non-believers, I’d like to make two points: one is graphic, a little reminder of the fact that women also exist on this planet! My second point is another emotional-rational thought: no tradition has ever been kind to loads of people. I bet we are able to establish holidays in every season, like people in France, right? This would be a wiser way to distribute the learning/academic years, too. We could also give and get presents then, believers would also be able to celebrate their traditions, and us non-believers, well, as we tend to celebrate tons of things, we would be able to focus our efforts in 4 specific moments in the year!

What’s certain for me is this — we should not impose any religion or religious celebrations now that we are free not to believe in paradise or hell. What’s wrong with respecting everybody? Why can’t believers celebrate their religion while agreeing others may not share the same beliefs?

Anyway, considering I’m following the kind proposal by social movements of not spending or spending the least you can, I decided to buy gouache paints and white glue and a watercolor heavy paper, and do some book markers to give away as presents. They’re certainly not very royal. They’re not magical, or amazing. They have no secret meanings. And they’ll get no one anywhere, but the people I love are really nice earthlings and easily contented! Most importantly, they READ books! 🙂 MY BEST WISHES FOR YOUR 2013!


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