Toni Morrison – thinker, artist and activist

January 3, 2013

😉 😀 😀

Yesterday I was really lucky. I found an interview to Toni Morrison on TV! I’ve been googling to find it, and just got to this: a little video on a much longer interview and then an article. I’d like to say that I consider Toni Morrison one of the most intelligent earthlings I’ve ever listened to. Just in case you were going to skip this post and I’ve managed to make you curious about it! 😀

This one’s a must, people! Thanks to Google I’ve found a wonderful video to watch: Angela Davis and Toni Morrison, having a truly good time together (unlike in the interview above).

Once, I lent Miguel, an Advanced student I met in the first state-run language school I worked in, “Playing in the Dark”, a very think/brief essay, full of interesting ideas. It was hard for Miguel, but he managed to work on some of it. On the little webita on Toni Morrison at Talking People, you’ll find that link too:

And this is a link to Toni Morrison on Mujer Palabra. In Spanish, so sorry about that. I started a little series called “Recensiones raras feministas” (Odd & Feminist Book Reviews).


  1. Hi there.

    I have a question about one of the videos, about the interpretation of what Toni Morrison says, on she wondering what would happen if Obama’s mum and grandma (whites) would’ve been around (not dead) ¿during elections? What does she mean — that the viciousness of the “political” attacks (the extreme right called in the USA “Republicans”) would move on to “white bitch” (because being white she dared mix with a black person), or that those demented things they called a black president/politician (for reasons of racism, this is) would not be so often said “out of respect for a white person in the family”?

    Please, please, someone, can you comment on this? It’s the first video link, the BBC one.


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    Much love for Toni Morrison.

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