About unit 3 – Intermedio 2

December 29, 2012

How’re you doing, people?

Today I finished doing (and checking with the teacher’s book!!) the complete unit 3 plus all 4a, which is what you should try to do during your present holidays, supposing you want to follow my beginning-of-course proposal of “a unit a month”. The unit is very interesting. I really enjoyed it. Tons of language items, but really good. With a couple of very important language items: conditional sentences and time clauses.

My idea for our first lesson after the holidays is to give you the first half to check in small teams your answers and/or practice your monologues and/or prepare a dialogue on one of the very interesting issues (questions and answers), and then devote the second half to your questions on language items or whatever. That day you can also hand in your Writing 3 at the beginning of the lesson, especially if you see I’m totally bored doing nothing!

And what about your audio work? The more you listen, and listen & repeat, the better you’ll get at English. Trust me! I’m trying to catch up on my German! Listening to 5 episodes of my German podcast every day! This way takes you longer — the Learning by Listening Way — but it allows you to be more spontaneous and pronounce better!)

Some people haven’t sent me an email so I can send them feedback on their orals, so I’m thinking of setting expiry dates! Then I think I just have two more students to go, in terms of sending them my feedback with their audio: Isabel (Int2 Martes! I got you mixed up with Isabel 1 Lunes) and Silvia S. Or am I forgetting someone?

Nightie night!


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