Unit 3 – Grammar Bank – Key

December 28, 2012


a: Notice how different it is in Spanish!

1 The road was closed after the accident (Cerraron la carretera por el accidente)
2 My handbag has been stolen (Me han robado el bolso)
3 My house is being painted (Estoy pintando la case – he contratado a alguien para hacerlo)
4 A meeting will be held tomorrow (Habrá/Han convocado a una reunión mañana)
5 They were fined for travelling wihtout a ticket (Les pusieron una multa…)
6 You can be arrested for drink-driving (Te pueden detener por conducir borracho/a)
7 Miranda thinks she was being followed last night (M. piensa que anoche alguien la estuvo siguiendo)
8 The house had been sold five years earlier (Habían vendido la casa cinco años antes)

b making the sentences more formal:
1 It is believed the burglar is a local man / The burglar is believed to be a local man
2 It is said the muggers (están pensando en unos concretos, no es en general los atradores) are very dangerous / The muggers (éstos, no todos en general; si no iría sin “the”) are said to be very dangerous
3 It is thought the robber entered through an open window / The robber is thought to have entered through an open window (presumably, it is not a private home – burglar)
4 It is said the murderer has disappeared / The murderer is said to have disappeared
5 It is expected the trial will last three weeks / The trial is expected to last three weeks.


a: future perfect or future continuous – underline the clues and if in doubt, ask in class. Here are just the answers:
1 they will be flying to, 2 I will have saved, 3 I will be driving to work, 4 we will be having, 5 he will have paid, 6  will have finished

b: same – same
1 won’t be lying, 2 ‘ll / will be working, 3 will hve disappeared, 4 will have doubled, 5 will be moving / will have moved, 6 will have grown 7 will have run out, 8 will have invented, 9 ‘ll / will be driving


a: underline the clues, and ask in class if in doubt!
1 I’m not feeling, 2 won’t be going, 3 will be bathing, 4 aren’t wearing, 5 we’ll have sold, 6 die

b: 1 before, 2 in case, 3 unless, 4 when, 5 after, 6 If, 7 in case, 8 until

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