At last! – A little present! CO Women / Objetoras

December 28, 2012

Today I got wonderful news from London! My translation of CO Women is finally downloadable in a pdf file — check out the link to the wri-irg website (War Resisters’ International – Internacional de Resistentes a la Guerra). Before you could just read it online.

Of course, my adorable students should read it in English (just click “English”) — not in Spanish! 😀 Anyway, we appreciate you spread the word on the existence of this book, because it’s probably the only book devoted and dedicated to CO Women!!! Isn’t it sad? And we had so very much trouble getting it published!!! (plus — considering we all worked for free! Who said volunteers get paid? Whereabouts is that Where?!)


Whenever we get a bit for building our Herstory, so Mankind can become Humankind, I always sing this beautiful song by Drexler included in a movie on Che Guevara’s youth, when he journeyed with a fellow university student all over America (latin, indigenous) on a motorbike… 🙂 Hope you like it!

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