Meals during the winter holidays

December 20, 2012

I can’t believe ithow food prices soar these days!!! No way! I refuse to pay three times it’s usual price for lamb, red bream or shellfish.

Soup, soup, soup (recipes at Food & Feminism!), fried eggs and Spanish chips, fried in olive oil, with tons of Spanish bread, of course! Yummy!! Hurray for spaghetti and for the Italian, too!! 😀 Loving mashed potatoes — thanking the first nations in America! And… What an opportuescarolenity to discover vegan cooking while learning to be more sensitive to fellow species! Pulses are delicious: lentils or chickpeas with carrots, turnips and potatoes! And what about baked apples? Or dates and oranges?! Pomegranate-seeds-2AND a most beautiful kind of salad: curly endives, walnuts and pomegranade! How much would that cost? So much cheaper than buying any kind of meat!

Also, if we find it’s a treat to go to Italian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, French restaurants, why not prepare vegan dishes in the most horrible period of the year for other animals — when the slaughter is hectic, walnutsnon-stop? One of the most horrible developments in Western societies is meat-production. I’m an omnivore — it’s not a principle. I don’t feel guilty for being an omnivore, for the same reason I don’t feel guilty of living in a consumerist society. I could do something about these two things, but I can’t. I’d have to change my life in ways I don’t feel capable of pursuing. But I understand vegan points, and admire their strength, ethic empathetic struggle. Just in the same way I understand feminism, pacifism, all the social struggles that have contributed to the development of our intelligence, individually and as societies.



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