Dear all, dear all, time flies, don’t stop!

December 18, 2012

IF I have a recording of yours, please remember to send me an email (per recording)!! (email: michelle + what you know!)

If you send me writings for double-checking (final versions) or your final monologues (after having practiced a bit on your own) I might reply during the holiday. Don’t worry about me. I’ll take care of myself. Just send it to me if you have done that work. But please, write the name of your group (level, day) in the subject line!

Tomorrow and next day we’ll have our last lesson together before the new year (TV series, dramatized readings: scripts).

Please, don’t stop learning English. For language learning there are no holidays. It’s non-stop partying! 😀 It could be your habit. Your body might need a dose of that every day!! Don’t interrupt your learning because it takes lots of effort and time to catch a learning rhythm and if you lose it, you’ll need more time to get back to the dance! LISTEN TO ENGLISH EVERY DAY. You know how to exploit your audios and audiovisuals in different ways. And you know where to find audios to help you learn to understand and learn to speak: those of your textbook and various podcasts, including the Talking People Podcast.

PRACTICE BEING a resourceful and independent lifelong learner! This expands your mind!

Remember also that if you have the plan of sitting for a couple of hours a week to do your textbook exercises you’ll be making sure you learn all the amazing things in your textbook. In class, because we interact, there’s not enough time to do it all. A UNIT A MONTH means that you should finish unit 3 this month. I can post the answers at your request (here on the blog: Key intermedio 2, Key avanzado 2, or if you send me an email to “michelle” and then you know what — then I’ll post them here for everybody to see). Remember also that when we meet again we’ll be in the second week of January, so if you can do the Readings, Grammar and Vocabulary in unit 4, we’ll be able to finish unit 4 at the end of January. In February we’ll have two weeks for exam format practice, so you’ll also have to work on unit 5 at home, more than usual. You should use our time in class, to make all your questions. I can clarify all kinds of things, so don’t be shy. If you manage to keep the plan of a unit a month, we could be free in May to practice Listening and Speaking intensively.

Yes, I’m giving you the big picture so you can see the forest too!

Possibly, we’ll meet again in a brand-new year, 2013! It sounds sweet! Liberating. Inspiring! Reaching out for the moon!

The 20th century has done so much for us all! Hopefully, we’ll continue learning to listen. Communicating. Working the world out. Together.

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