A bit of Herstory to improve our awareness and education

December 16, 2012

Have a look at these timelines, just quickly if you have no time:

Why do we consider fundamental for our education to learn about wars and men’s ideas and we remain utterly ignorant of what women’s lives have been like till very recently and just in some places of this violence- and injustice-ridden planet?

Why does feminism — a key element in the human right movement and much more than that — threaten “people”? Why should anyone feel threatened by others having human rights?

Which are your notions of “equality”? Do you think women’s oppression as a human group in the social system called patriarchy is something we can overcome by giving women the vote, and “allowing them” to have possessions or earn money, inherit, choose who to go to bed with, what to look like, what to do in life, whether to have babies or not…

Haven’t human relationships improved in those societies where women have human rights?

Think about this. Write about this. Read what you write, critically. And then try again.

I’m posing this point because sometimes people sound as if the world we have now in a few places of this planet had always been like that. This is what leads people to believe that we don’t need feminism. But we do — because ignoring women is what we’ve always been taught, and it’s deeply rooted in our minds. Do you really believe that today’s couples, say a heterosexual couple, is a much worse option than traditional couples, meaning what we had until the 20th century, where women had no say in anything? Can’t people see that the feeling of being uncertain and threatened comes from a century-long brainwash telling us women were bad, lazy, dangerous?

Why do we have to know it all of our past, except those things which allow us to develop a feminist intelligence?

We have a lot of work ahead us, but we should stop considering feminism and feminists “our enemies.” They have brought around vital positive change for both women and men.


One comment

  1. The truth feminism unveils is that since the end of Neolithic Times, the species has had societies where the most violent males ruled.

    In the last three centuries women have started realizing they are human beings, too. They have started not paying attention to all the science, religion, history, culture, and gossip about their inferiority, and have worked with their human mind, which is where emotions are also born, not only ideas.

    At the same time, some men have also realized they are not more into patriarchy, for its violence and injustice, precisely.

    So in global terms, things have never looked as hopeful as today.


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