Words on TV series & movies

December 14, 2012

Can you give examples of uses of the words in BLOCK letters?

Words tend to have different meanings depending on context, so the best way to learn them is to learn how to use them, this is, collecting sentences where they are used.

LAME is like “pathetic”  – (attempts) – like “weak”
but also like “lousy” as in “a lousy film/joke” (louse, lice – piojos). Here “lousy” is like “shitty”.

Political speeches in the USA can be really CORNY. Why is that?

How GROSS! – How revolting, disgusting! (puke, puke)

GROSS violations of human rights –  flagrantes violaciones de los derechos
Someone is totally GROSS – hortera, basta/o

that is a GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT – quedarse muy corta / corto

Mission: find “that’s the UNDERSTATEMENT of the year!” when you listen to English (movies, TV series) and tell us about its context in class


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