Interview to Sherman Alexie, by The Poetry Foundation

December 14, 2012

Next Monday and Tuesday, the Avanzado 2 groups are welcome to share the language they learned/learnt from The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, what they learned about Indians in the USA, about reservations, about life, about humour/humor, about friendship, about family, about identity, about finding one’s way in spite of hardship…

There are a few interviews to Alexie on the Net. In this one, if you have read the novel, you’ll recognize some of his main themes as a person and as a writer, of course! If you haven’t read the book and you can spare the time this weekend, I’ll let you know I read it in a very cold and very cozy homey weekend. But I love reading books in one or two sittings, because the reading experience kind of transports you to other worlds!


About the movie, Smoke Signals, if you all like we can watch it in February, to take a break from Exam Practice activities! 🙂 If you are into movies, I recommend you get a copy of the screenplay. It’s got a lovely intro.

In spite of things — I wrote to his agent and got a huge NO about publishing one of Alexie’s stories for people to read. “Search Engine” is the title and it is included in his collection of stories entitled Ten Little Indians. Considering I’ve been asking four generations of students to get his novel, I must admit it felt bad, because I couldn’t show people his other kind of writing. I wonder where the Fair Use policy went. Quo vadis, Fair Use? Anyway, there’s always Free Culture and Civil Disobedience — I might type it and share it somewhere.


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