Today’s work (Same tomorrow) & some reflections

December 10, 2012

Avanzado 2 Lunes: there were no questions on unit 2 and no monologs, so we started unit 3. We worked on the first page and then on the 2nd column of the 2nd page, plus we did some Vocabulary work (Voc Bank at the back). Homework: People will be working on a monolog on Noise Pollution by using the language in the various exercises on noises including the audio. They’ve got tons of work for next day because I’ve asked them to do the 3rd and 4th pages, plus fill in the gaps of the Voc Bank, plus listen to the audio we did today a few times, so next day we can check people’s answers and do dialogs on noise (last bit on the second page of the unit).

About me as a feminist and your Writing 2: I’m delighted with the fact that both men and women are picking this subject – changing gender roles. You should not be afraid of what I’ll think. I’m a veteran feminist and this means exactly the same kind of thing as this: I’m a veteran teacher. On top of everything, I believe freedom of speech is a fundamental right. And I also believe transformation (a betterment of society) can mostly be achieved through communication. I’ll just check your English and textual structure, not your ideology. But if you are open-minded about this very important social movement that has changed our lives dramatically getting no acknowledgement whatsoever, I might be of help — beyond my role as an English teacher. Thinking right is not that easy, because our mistrust of women is almost genetic. In my view — and I have coined language for this, for instance “feminist intelligence” — we are all cultural products of a patriarchal social system (that’s why in the streets we are saying “The father of all systems is patriarchy, and it has proven extremely violent against all kinds of people” and there is no way out of machismo and misogyny unless we use feminism as a critical thinking tool we use to improve the way we think, feel, speak and relate. I’ve been a conscious feminist since 1989, and I know lots about this. About how deep patriarchy is in our value system and how deeply it affects all we do. Actually, I’m thinking I might record a podcast episode on this… Whenever I have some time and get the necessary inspiration to do so! 🙂 But I’d like you to understand this: in our professional relationship, never feel afraid of expressing what you believe. And never be afraid of critical thinking. Critical thinking is not about hurting people, it’s about dialog and about opening windows, doors to improvement. And I’d like you to understand this, too — supposing you wonder. All teachers transmit their ideology — the thing is many have the “by default” ideology — the ideas/beliefs that prevail in society. Mine is obviously not the by default mentality. 🙂

Intermedio 2 Lunes: the same — just one question on exercises in unit 2. We did the Listening exercises in Unit 2 Test, and then listened & repeated bits of the last audio exercise. And we started unit 3: I introduced the passive (I was told, I was given, I was arrested, I was mugged) and vocabulary related to crime (rob, steal, mug, burgle, robber, thief, mugger, burglar, pick-pocket). In pairs, people did the questionnaire and checked it later with the Communication activity. Your homework is: (anybody else to hand in Writing 2?) Please, try to do 4 Grammar on page 38 and the Reading on page 39. Don’t do the listening 3.1 because we’ll do that in class next day, OK?

About Erik el Belga: well, today I mentioned him because he was a criminal who made a deal with the police to get out of jail sooner, and I’d love to interview him. Watch a video

News: this past weekend I posted the answers to a few exercises. Please check out Answer Key Av2 and Answer Key Int 2. If you need more answers or if you have any questions, I’ll be delighted to explain whatever.

About your oral exercises: sorry for taking so long to send you my feedback. My intention this week is to work faster, meaning, send private feedback. If you think I have completely forgotten about your work, you can remind me — no problem. Just please type in your group in the Subject line (en el título del email).

About your Writings and minisagas: I won’t be giving them back this week, but if I manage it all, you’ll get them next week.

About our last December lesson(s) together: I explained it all OVER HERE. Please, have a look and comment in class.

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