Relationships: Breaking Up (with subtitles)

December 7, 2012

I finally found the comic strip by Cath Jackson that I told some of you about when we had to work on “Talking about relationships” in unit 2.

From Visibly Vera, cartoons by Cath Jackson (The Women's Press, 1986)

In break-up situations, be careful, get the (fucking) subtitles! (pillad los jodíos subtítulos!)

“We must talk” = “I must talk”
“It’s not you that’s wrong — it’s me” = “I’m bored”
“Don’t think that I don’t love you” = “I don’t love you”
“But I need more space” = “You cramp my style” !!! 😀 😀 😀 …
“Time to myself, to sort things out…” = “I’ve got another date tonight and I want to get changed”
“You understand?” = “Geddit?”
“Of course, my love” = “You two-faced cow I’m gonna make your name mud!!”

Cath Jackson gave many of the best years of her life to drawing cartoons for a range of publications, not least Trouble & Strife, which inspired what she considers to be some of her best work. Chief among her creations are Vera the Visible Lesbian, published in the London magazine City Limits, and Nurse Nightshade, who haunted the pages of the Nursing Times. Cath hung up her pen in the mid-1990s and has since only produced cartoons when either foolishly in love or beguiled by flattery. When not drawing cartoons for T&S she contributed to the magazine as a writer, designer and editorial collective member. (Trouble & Strife, the magazine where I got this text from. “Trouble and Strife is cockney rhyming slang for wife. :O We chose this name because it acknowledges the reality of conflict in relations between women and men. As radical feminists, our politics come directly from this tension between men’s power and women’s resistance.”)

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