Scenes of Smoke Signals

December 6, 2012

If you enjoy the upcoming lesson (see this post) where you’ll, share your thoughts and work on The Absolutely True… we could watch “Smoke Signals“, the movie (don’t know when or how or where, though). I have a copy of the screenplay in class, which I’ll donate to the school’s library at some point. But I think it’s worth having a copy in your personal little English mediateque, right? — it’s about €5. Of course, screenplays have some technical English, but that just means you’ll have the chance to learn more! 😀

Sherman Alexie: “This is not the first feature film written, directed, and produced by Native Americans. It is the first such film to ever receive national and international distribution by a major studio. It’s an important distinction. Natives have made tons of films over the last few decades, but sadly, Smoke Signals remains the only Indian-created film to ever receive this much attention. Also, looking at the trailer, this film could have easily been titled Bad Wigs.”



  1. John Wayne’s Teeth

  2. How to be a real Indian: Thomas has the gift of story-telling. Victor is kind of fed up with that. They’re traveling to where Victor’s father lived, because he died. I know this sounds kind of scary, but I bought the T-shirt Thomas is wearing when he decides to give it a try — looking like a real Indian!

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