Activities scheduled for our last December week together!

December 4, 2012

Dear people,

here is a one-page pdf file so you can have a look at what I’m scheduling. If you have any feedback for changes in this, please, let me know by December 10 or 11. Then I would edit this plan, and post the final version. If I haven’t posted anything by December 12, then that means this plan is on! Make sure you collect Useful Language from your materials, to share in class in these lessons.

December_Last_Week (1 page, pdf file)


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  1. […] you enjoy the upcoming lesson (see this post) where you’ll, share your thoughts and work on The Absolutely True… we could watch […]

  2. […] As I’ve posted the answers to what we haven’t checked in class yet, my idea is to finish Unit 2 on Dec 10 or Dec 11: you would do the communication speaking activity (page 117), we would do the listening in the unit test, and then you can make your requests or practice speaking activities. In this lesson you should also tell me if you agree with the plan for our last December lesson. […]

  3. […] our last December lesson(s) together: I explained it all OVER HERE. Please, have a look and comment in […]

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