December Avanzado 2 Dramatized Readings

December 3, 2012

You are meant to have been watching a TV series episode a week, so as to learn not to be afraid of spoken everyday English, and train in deciphering meaning with a few words here, a-few-situations-I-understand there!

If you are interested in doing a dramatized reading of one of the Friends or HIMYM‘s episodes just before the winter holidays, bring up the issue in class, so we can agree which script people should print at home. (I managed to fit 30 pages into 4 in a few here, which you would print at home.) If some people cannot get their copies, you can order yours in class. I’m requesting your help with copies because our budgets are non-existing, but I can certainly make copies for a few people, so that’d be ok.)

There’s also the option you people get together in your homes and do a video we can publish somewhere! 😀 (Talking People has a YouTube channel but I’ve forgotten how to get in!)

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