Tanita Tikaram, Buffy Sainte-Marie & Joy Harjo

November 23, 2012

Here she is, a songwriter and singer. Twist in My Sobriety is one of her most well-known songs in Spain (I thought!) If you click and get there, you’ll also find the lyrics. If someone knows what the song means, please post!

Two other songwriters and singers who are very interesting, and American Indian (a good follow-up activity for people who are learning about Indians (Native Indians or American Indians) by reading the Sherman Alexie novel (Spokane Indian), are Buffy Sainte-Marie and Joy Harjo (Muscogge, or Creek). Buffy Sainte-Marie wrote Bury My Heart in Wounded Knee is a very powerful song about a few vital issues. The link includes info about Wounded Knee.

We recorded an amazing poem by Joy Harjo, Strange Fruit (yes, it’s the same topic in the song Billie Holiday sang). Oh my! I’ve just found out Joy Harjo’s website has disappeared, so I cannot link to any of her music there. I’ve sent her an email in case it’s temporary or something. I’ve got her music, actually, so I can bring that to class one day. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted!

NEWS (Sunday evening): Joy replied and her website is up again! Check out her Music section. (Link in comment below, sorry!)

One comment

  1. Hello again! Joy replied to my email and her website is now working! http://www.joyharjo.com/ See if you like her music. It nurtures from American/Native Indian culture and poetry and lots of other things!

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