Rafeef Ziadah, a Palestinian poet and activist in exile

November 16, 2012

We teach life, sir, we teach life, sir, we, Palestinians, wake up every morning to teach life, sir!

(Pessimists can afford pessimism. If you’re in hell, if there’s no hope, there’s no escape — you’re an optimist. Women’s rage has not been expressed through rape and genocide, and women have a human mind. Will there come a day when people start listening to us. Justice is not about violence, but about nonviolent solutions to conflicts, and women know that well. When will they be seen and counted.)

Listen to her in a summer 2012 interview, and then don’t miss the ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY POEM that follows.



  1. 9 days in Palestine

  2. Rachel Corrie got killed because she stood in front of a demolition vehicle that had the order to destroy Palestinian homes. Watch a video of her in those years…


  3. I wrote this poem after watching a documentary of Palestinian people trying to rescue their music, which was banned by the Israeli government.


  4. Israeli youth refusing doing a military service are imprisoned. Still, they refuse. Listen to them.


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