November 13, 2012

Dear Intermedio 2’s,

Today I posed the issue of Stereotypes to the Avanzado 2 Tuesday group and in their brainstorm they came up with more ideas about how to tackle the topic! Apart from stereotypes by nationality/country, they mentioned two interesting approaches:

Types of People / Personality stereotypes — this made me think of what often happened to me in the 1990s with students — that because they considered me a “hippie” they were sure I smoked dope and loved reggae music! 😀

Group Identity stereotypes (like sure stereotypes by nationality) like members of Urban Tribes, or Age-based stereotypes.

Occupation stereotypes, when we think we know what people are like because we know their occupation — thinking of the upcoming events (tomorrow’s strike and demos), say, with police officers (violent or saviours). People often have a stereotyped and polarized vision of police people. Another example is housewives (boring, gossips…), or firemen (strong, sexy!)!

Then what about the stereotypes according to gender?! Sometimes we can’t see the most apparent! Men are good at logic reasoning and women aren’t!, and the like. (This connects with the previous point: Consequently, we get sexual stereotypes of occupations: women are good to be housewives and nurtures, and men are good to be soldiers and politicians.)

Well, an alternative proposal in regards to content structure is that you start your monolog(ue) with a definition of What a Stereotype is, and then that you comment some examples. Then, depending on how long the previous were, you could address your experience with stereotypes. Finally, remember you also need a good ending — some personal assessment, some concluding remark.


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