School News – edited! (read PS in Spanish)

November 9, 2012

Dear students,

Please, consider becoming a Students’ Rep(resentative) at the School Council. Candidates can request information or register at the School’s Office/Head of Studies. Read about it on the School’s Bulletin Board in the entry hall.

The School’s Library cannot open yet, but it will. You will also get your EOI cards this month. It seems they’ll be given to us, the teachers, so that we give them out in class one day. (To Avanzado 2: You have donated two copies of Alexie’s novel, and I have donate the Alexie screenplay and the audiovisual of Smoke Signals in case you want to borrow it once the library opens.)

I suppose the Group/Class Reps (2 people) will also be elected in class this month, but we need to wait for news on this.

Please, consider becoming a Student Rep (a group student rep, or a Council student rep!)

See what happened to us teachers in the 1990s?: because we teachers didn’t want to be part of the Managament Team (Principal, Head of Studies, & Secretary), school communities ended losing their right to elect their School Board! About students, in one EOI I worked, students did not elect any group rep, and when the group wanted to complain about something that happened, they had to do it individually as citizens, this is, losing their strength as a group and without profiting from the right to be heard and file complaints Students’ Reps have in schools.

When we don’t use the tools democracy puts at hand, we lose rights! A nightmare!!


PS: De Jefatura de Estudios, sobre cuántas clases son el 30% de faltas que se pueden llegar a tener en enseñanza presencial.

Número de días de clase: L y X 59 días (147,5 horas) pérdida de oficialidad más de 18 días (17,7 días en realidad); M y J 60 días (150 horas) pérdida de oficialidad más de 18 días. Las faltas las podéis ver en el Área privada.


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