This is how terrifying it is…

November 8, 2012

When I hear people calling out for us not to vote, I always think, Why should I renounce a right? Why should I ignore the fact that a lot of brave, generous, kind, intelligent people risked their lives their happiness and well-being (and lost them) to find less brutal options for the construction of societies, options respecting human rights for all.

Some people think it’s naïve to have ideals. What is truly naïve, in my view, is to believe that the brutal world we’ve had for centuries is not there. The world of rights we have (after more than 20 centuries of minorities probably trying and trying) is our New World — women know or should know this very well — and this New World is nonviolent, it is not based in killing and abusing, exploiting anyone, but in trying to find ways to live together, by using our intelligence instead of our violence in problem-solving.

Just winning a little election would have put these men in even more powerful positions. Degrees matter.

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