Dear Intermedio 2’s! (after the Monday lesson)

November 6, 2012

I know — I’m asking you to develop the habit of listening to English every day. This is BIG.

However, consider reality: there are many little “dead moments” in the day you can turn into audio moments. You can VERY EASILY fit listening to English every day into different moments in your day! Developing the habit of listening to English every day means you need your daily dose of English! And this pushes you quite naturally into speaking English on your own! And this means you end up listening & repeating, and preparing speaking activities SPEAKING OUT LOUD (not writing and in silence!! Eek!!) And all of this makes you feel great, and — it helps your learning in various ways.

The reason why I designed the routine of Small Groups doing work independently was also because I was trying to create a safe space in the Exam Area, so you wouldn’t have to speak in front of everybody (at Plenary). But here’s the fact — no one comes to me when Small Groups are working together. So… What should we do?

You are in Intermedio 2, which means you have reached a level when it’s appropriate to develop some independency from the teacher. PLUS you have an intermediate level in English, this is, you’ve been learning English for years! When are you going to put it into practice?! Next year? Once you fail? Only when you travel? (carita turulataaaarrrggghhh)

My proposal is you start now, with your 1. textbook audios, 2. with the ESL Podcast and the Talking People Podcast and/or any of the many BBC podcasts, 3. with the project of watching TV at least once a week. And can you please start speaking in public, at Plenary, or more privately in the Exam Area? It’s embarrassing at first, but I SWEAR it gets better with PRACTICE! Can’t you control your fears a weeny bit? What is so terrifying about speaking English in your language lesson?!

The information I’m getting (sensing) is that you want us to spend the time in class filling in gaps in silence and then reading out your answers. Trying to keep up with the textbook + doing the Speaking/Listening activities is challenging, yes, hard work, but if you don’t work at home in the way I explained it’ll simply be impossible. So should we give my proposal a try or should I stop reaching for the moon? 😀 😛


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