November Lesson Plans for Avanzado 2 + Reminders for December

November 4, 2012

Reminders: here are the plans for our lessons together, not for your work at home. Remember you should be ahead of what we do in classskipping the kind of listening activities which resembles your Listening Test, so you can do it in class pretending you are in the exam and using the underlining & prediction techniques on the spot!). It’s important you have a Weekly Learning Plan, to fit everything in nicely!

LET’S SEE IF THIS PLAN WORKS WELL FOR US ALL… 🙂 If you have any idea on how to improve this, please, do tell us in class!

Mon Nov 5, Tues Nov 6: finish unit 1.

  • Handing in your Writing 1 (the deadline is Nov 7, 8, which means, I will only accept Writings this week)
  • You should pose your questions, e.g., we could read out (choral repetition, so that you notice grammar as you repeat) our answers to 1A-C Grammar Banks!
  • Listening/Speaking: We’ll be doing (Fut. Cont.) L 1.12, 1.13 on p. 14 (ideas for mons are on p. 13, exercise f) and we’ll be watching the video on Family Secrets (p. 18) (1.18 is for you to do at home).
  • I’ll post the Answers to Revise & Check 1 here, and remember to ask in class the following day if you have any questions.

Wednesday Nov 7, Thursday Nov 8: start unit 2 in class. Childhood Memories

  • You’ll read out the Reading texts (and check your own answers to those little exercises on p. 20, 21)
  • Then in Pairs, you’ll pay close attention to 2 Grammar (you should’ve read at home and done Grammar Bank 2a, p. 139), the narrative tenses, used to and would on page 21. + Plenary to check your answers.
  • Last, we’ll listen to 2.1 and you’ll speak about your childhood to a classmate. WE DID THIS NOV 12, 13, TOO

Monday Nov 12, Tuesday Nov 13:

  • Listenings 2.2 – 2.4 + Speaking (Childhood) at Plenary
  • Today or next day: Reading out answers to p.23 + Grammar Bank 2b (p. 140) + Questions/Comments
  • Pairwork – Multitasking: p. 24 + Text for B on p. 25: both read out 1 Reading & Speaking, and then each person reads her/his text, to present it to the other following the outline (pink for A, green for B).
  • UPDATED ON NOV 12 MONDAY: On this lesson I explained the Skeleton of Meaning Listening Technique, which is the technique you’ll use with Listening Tasks where the recording is only played once. It’s similar to the instructions you get in 2.4, page 22

Wednesday 14, Thursday 15: I’ll join the European strike!(We have an extra lesson for Orals at the end of this unit, and we can use it to catch up, if you prefer that. Just let me know.)

  • Time Listenings: 2.6-2.9
  • Checking 4 Voc on p. 27 and Voc Bank on page 159. (Remember to do p. 160 Voc “get”, too)
  • Speaking exercise around the Questionnaire p. 26.

I’m skipping 2C pages 28 and 29 (I can post here or read out the answers), it’s a Reading (again, another!), so please work on it: It’s about — it seems — nonviolent ways of “revenge”, and they’re very creative! Unfortunately, they quote Nietzche without saying it’s him! (He was a well-known mysogynist, as you can find out if you read, for instance, what he thinks of Women and Friendship) The quote is from Beyond Good and Evil: In revenge and in love woman is more barbarous than man. What’s wrong with this easily accepted idea? Well, on this planet century after century women have been tortured, locked up, mutilated and assassinated because they had “offended” Man, according to the men who were/are meant to love them. Why sexist mentalities perceive women can be “more barbarous” is not because of the crime (sending out emails exposing a man’s bad behavio(u)r cannot equal being beaten up and murdered!), but because women are not allowed to fight back, according to patriarchal tradition. It’s a taboo women use violence, so it’s perceived as more evil than violence enhacted by men (who have the right to use it, in patriarchy). Just try to walk in women’s shoes in regards to violence/revenge (exerted or subjected to it?), overcoming the patriarchal prejudices we are taught. You could write 100 words about your views! and I’ll just check your English.

Monday Nov 19, Tuesday Nov 20: Love by numbers!

  • Checking Grammar Bank ? 2c ?, Questions/Comments on skipped pages:  28, 29
  • Listening 2.13, 2.14 (p. 30)
  • Speaking: The Get Questionnaire (p. 31)

Wednesday Nov 21, Thursday Nov 22:

  • Check p. 32 (How to write an article) – Homework for the weekend: Writing 2 (an article, p. 33).
  • Pairwork: p. 33
  • Video Interview on p. 34
  • I’ll post the answers to Revise & Check 2 on this blog.

Extra Lesson. Monday Nov 26, Tuesday Nov 27: for unchecked bits and pieces in unit 2, and/or for Intensive Oral Practice: students practice mons and dials with a classmate and then come to me, to do it again and get feedback.

Wednesday Nov 28, Thursday Nov 29: I will present unit 3, mentioning the most important activities, and then we’ll organize the December Oral Presentations or Plenary Sessions (book a date):

In December we’ll devote some lessons to listening to your work on TV series and the Alexie novel. We’ll listen to you all telling us the Useful Language you learned/learnt by ear while watching your TV series episodes and/or you can  join other students to form a group and do an Oral Presentation, maximum 20 minutes (e.g., Intro on series & characters, Useful Language), and we’ll also devote a lesson or two to the Alexie novel — your Writing 3 is a book review, and I hope you do it on this novel. You can hand it in in the first week of class after the Winter Holidays.

This Oral Work in class will mean that you should try to do unit 3 on your own at home throughout the month of December + the January week we’re on our Winter Holidays. Or do you have a better suggestion? Please, comment in class if you do! I could post here the answers to the exercises you did…


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