A Workshop on the Importance of Language(s)

September 19, 2012

NEWS: Sorry, there were a few mistakes, and I fixed them on Sept. 26 (plus enlarged the font!) in case you want to print the improved version!

Dear people, a little workshop I designed on the Importance of Languages and Human Language. I hope you enjoy it! and get a copy of David Harrison’s book, When Languages Die!

If you were in any of my old groups of Avanzado 2, you probably listened to the interview to a Linguist, by National Geographic. The exercise was note-taking and re-telling. Well, you will find some of that info! Have a lovely day!

WhenLanguagesDie_01+activities – 7 pages, pdf file


  1. Since yesterday, I already got a couple of encouraging emails!!, saying thank you, great material, really interesting, both about the selected passages from the book and the connections the exercises make.

    Muy contenta de que os guste! Pues… tengo otra workshop de 25 páginas sobre Language and Culture! Cuando esté enpie de nuevo, la termino y la publico!

    Saludos por un mundo más diverso y menos violento!

  2. Today I fixed a few typos and enlarged the font of the passages, in case you want to get this improved version!

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