Sports Speak

May 11, 2010

The Sports Speak Project is about learning to use the language in sports. Here are a few videos which might help you pick a few sports. You need to collect your Useful Language from audios or audiovisuals, and not from texts. Make a list of that, and present it along with the videos in your OP!


Going Against the Flow – reportage (video, 2 mins)
The Ins and Outs of Sculling (video, 4 mins)
Teaching Children the Front Crawl Swimming Stoke (video, 3 mins)
Treading Water when Swimming (2 mins)

The Olympic Games
A Lesson for Advanced Students – Part  1aPart 1bPart 2 Part 3aPart 3b

Basketball – Guide to shooting (4 mins)

US American FootballGuide to the basics (3 mins) + Guide to positions (2 mins 30”)

Football – Interactive Guide to Offside Law 11 (video)

Baseball – Guide to Baseball (text)


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